By the Book Services, LLC was birthed out of a dream I had in 2009. In the dream, a faceless person handed me a book entitled, “Strategic Chemistry”. At that time, I was working for a Certified Financial Planner but since I hold a degree in chemistry, I thought that the dream might be a sign pointing me back to a career in science. I could sense that in this short but clear dream, I was somehow being directed, but to what? Or where? I spent months pondering this and even consulted with some friends, some of whom had taken classes in dream interpretation. After hitting multiple dead-ends, I decided the next thing to do was to Google the phrase “Strategic Chemistry”. Instantly, I learned that those words were the registered trademark of a company based in Texas. Why would God be directing me to an oil refining company? After just a brief investigation of their website, I discovered why! Their mission statement reads:

  1. To Honor God Always
  2. To Help People Develop
  3. To Pursue Excellence
  4. To Earn a Profit

My involuntary response was “Well, God, if I were to ever run a business, that would be my mission statement as well.” For several years, I continued that conversation with God, and in March of 2016, By The Book Services, LLC was born. You might say that I’m ‘living the dream!”